If you’re a leader who wants to find new ways forward and spark new opportunities, Supernova is here to help. Whether you’ve got an electoral campaign, a nonprofit, or a company with a philanthropic mission—if your goal is to bring more justice to our world, Supernova wants to help you smash the status quo and create something brilliant.

Meet Justine Sarver

I’ve spent more than 25 years working in social justice movements across the country, gaining experience in organizational development, program management, advocacy, and political campaigns. After working in the arenas of labor, reproductive health, and civil rights, I went on to work in the Obama Administration in 2009–2010 and after that, to lead the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center for eight years, where I focused on building support for a proactive, equitable and just vision for ballot measure campaigns.

Through Supernova Strategies, I help a variety of organizations to amplify their impact, including:

National, state, and local social change organizations
Philanthropic institutions
Local nonprofits

A Few Clients


Designing and organizing social justice initiatives

Managing message research and communications projects

Planning ballot measures

Creating and leading electoral campaign strategies

Launching national narrative shift campaigns

Performing post‑campaign analysis

Coaching management and leaders

Developing team skills and strategic capacity

Vision & Values

I grew up in a family of teachers who instilled a learning orientation in me. I approach things with curiosity and a desire to learn through taking action.

I work with my clients to identify what works, opportunities to change how things are done, and create new pathways forward.

I want to identify what works well, discover opportunities for improvement, and help create new, better ways forward. I believe in people, not systems.
I question dominant culture and work to build more race, class, and gender equity into all strategies and decisions, big or small.
Even though my work can be very serious, I can still see—and appreciate—the humor within it. I want to work with people to create a future where we can be ourselves—healthy, safe, and thriving.

Justine cuts right through

”Justine cuts right through anything that’s designed to control or derail an effort.”

Justine understands how to navigate change

”Justine understands how to navigate change. She encourages generative thinking, recognizes key decision points, and remains ready to embrace new opportunities.”

Justine creates a space for authenticity

“In building relationships and teams, Justine creates a space for authenticity, building trust, navigating difference and power, and shared purpose.”

Justine models collegiality

“Justine models collegiality and is focused on our collective success and learning. Her high level of integrity leads to the deep trust and partnership required to make progress.”

She’s a great partner

“She’s a great partner to other consultants in an organization, always ensuring she’s communicating and coordinating with her colleagues so her clients get the best out of other experts.”

Justine brings strategic clarity to her work

“Justine brings strategic clarity to her client work and an empathetic and supportive stance to leaders.”

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